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October 12, 2013
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Poke-Glitch: Trip Naples by NeoroticMind Poke-Glitch: Trip Naples by NeoroticMind
Last revamp but not least....I think=w=......Idek OTL..also....PONYTAIL ASFHKLJAHFLKAJFHSL

Name: Trip Naples
Gender: Male
Age: 18

Species: Floatzel
Ability: Swift Swim
Level: 61

Birthdate: April 14th
Height: 5'10"
Weight:125 lbs.


:: Freelance => Jack of all Trades => Mercenary => Mercenary MAX
:: Scholar =>Software Engineer => Grey Hat => Grey Hat MAX

District: Arcobaleno
Allignment: Neutral

[[ (*) Must have F.I.H.N.S/(Water Skates things) or a body of water in order to use]]

:icondarktypeplz: Crunch (Lvl 20)

* :iconwatertypeplz: Aqua Jet

:iconicetypeplz: Ice Punch (Lvl 5)

* :iconwatertypeplz: Aqua Tail (Lvl 15)

Moves Forgotten:

*~Razor Wind
~Double Hit

  1. Phone- Holographic Phone, holds all of Trip's contacts...Does not let anyone see it...No one...
  2. Tracking Sunglasses- Sunglasses that were upgraded by Sai in order to show existing surroundings, maps, and a tracking ability for targets. Syncs with his phone in order to find people he knows and see information on those people only.
  3. The F.I.H.N.S.- Trips main weapons that use fin-like objects floating out of his wrists, that are actually blobs of water that is constantly being collected and stored, as blades.
  4. Mask- A gift from his father, who's an Empoleon, the day Trip left for Arcobaleno. The mask mixes empoleon with floatzel features and is treasured dearly by Trip. It is able to be upgraded three times (every job advancement) giving it more capabilities. Nobody knows his identity when he has the mask on except Jin, Dani, and Vienna (kinda forgot that he had a secret identity with them...).
  5. After being upgraded, the mask now gives him tracking capabilities, links to his phone for communications, as well as provides heat seeking vision. When the mask is on he assumes the alias "Seidon" and his personality changes quite drastically along with his fighting style that consists of an effective form of martial arts.
  6. Hoverboard- A hoverboard given to him for the holidays by Jin. He rides it on occasion through the city but rarely uses it on missions (mostly because people would catch on eventually). Loves racing with the board and just cruising through the city on it.


- Pizza
- Water
- Dani
- Sleeping
- Orange
- Talking to friends
- Sparring
- Freelancing
- High bounties on bad people
- Boarding


- Autumn
- Long drawn out battles
- High bounties on good people
- Conflict between the sides
- Talking about his past
- Anything threatening his friends
- Losing friends

Trip is an immature, inexperienced and sometimes referred to as the most childish freelancer ever, but his battle potential is something to behold. He is usually the butt of everyone's joke but is always willing to lend a hand if someone is in need. He goes out of his way to cheer people up and even goes to the extent of hurting himself to make someone who has had a rough day smile. He can always be seen smiling, especially when he is in a good fight. Sometimes he may come off as flirtatious, but he really just says what's on his mind(most of the time without thinking about it =,=').

As he spent more time in the City, meeting new people and experiencing new things his maturity grew slightly. He is still seen as a child by most, but his maturity has become more apparent as time goes on.

After the monster event, Trip focused on his training in order to be able to protect the one's he loves (*cough cough Dani cough*). He became a Mercenary not too long after that. With this his alias as Seidon has become more of an alter ego, changing his childish personality to a more mature, calm an collected type. However if he is around someone who already knows his identity, his change in personality will not happen.

Much time has passed for this once inexperienced freelance. His personality still remains quite childish for the most part, but he now realizes just how dangerous the world is. From the murder of one of the leaders of his dome, to his finding out just how strong the Volantians where, he had to step up and become even stronger and more serious at times. He's had to own up to being one of the most experienced Mercenaries in the Dome, and now he has to train to live up to that. His outward appearance remains cheerful and optimistic, but now he's more calm and collected under pressure, with his concerns remaining on keeping everyone alive. He's taken to a more merciless fighting style and will not hesitate to break someone only if he finds it completely necessary.


As a kid he grew up with stories of Arceus and the war from his mother, a Floatzel and a guardian in a comfortable manor in Lumiere. His father was an Empoleon who was one of the citizens strong enough to become a scrap hunter and stored many mechanical parts that became useful later on in Trip's life. At a very young age he was introduced to the world of combat by his brother Nescero, but soon stopped training after his brother was sent to a ninja academy for further studies.

Trip was not always the ball of constant happiness and smiles he is today. As a child, Trip was shy and an introvert, rarely talking to people and in turn never really having any friends. As he grew older, the kid's teasing turned more into harassment and they constantly chased after him to beat him up. As he began running for his life, he became faster, using his speed to get away from the bullies who constantly pursued him. His early life was a living nightmare for him, but not all was bad. He realized he had a nice life and that others were going without all the luxuries his upbringing could afford. He found this completely unfair and would do his best to take any rations he could to any homeless or just people he thought were not as fortunate as him.

Even though he wanted to help, he was still all alone, no friends, and became a shell that would go through life as a zombie and then cry himself asleep. This however changed one day when a lone child came up to him as he was being bullied and defended him. One person was nice to him...there was hope, was what ran through his mind as his new friend and him talked on the way home.

A few months later, his best friend the child who saved him also known as Alex, a Pikachu who was a mechanical genius, built him his weapons the F.I.H.N.S (Fluid Intergrating Harnessing Neo Systems) that have the ability to use reserves of water that it collects from the humidity in the air, or even the air itself and store it, letting him manipulate the water at will for attacks such as Aqua Jet and Razor Wind. His friend however died in a incident that Trip refuses to talk about to many (Only Dani and Jin know of it). After this tragic occurrence, he lost all faith in the differentiation of the good and evil and decided to live in Arcobaleno under the alignment of neutral. His parents still live in Lumiere but he has not seen them since he left. Now he freelances for rent money and meets a numerous amount of people and makes many new friends. After a talk with Jin, he decided to become a mercenary, so that he could help which ever side he believed were fighting for the right reasons.

Not too long after becoming a Jack of All Trades, Trip figured that in his field of work, people would try to come after not only him but the ones he held dearest to him. Going and finding the mask his father gave to him, he created the alias "Seidon" in order to take on his more...gruesome jobs... As Seidon, he becomes a trained assassin-like warrior, and shows no remorse for the people he has to kill saying, "It's all part of the job..." Although he breaks down later and beats himself up for it.

Additional Info:

+In a relationship with a certain Umbreon, who happens to be the self-proclaimed queen of the rooftops. Not changing it ^w^

+ He is extremely fast and uses this to try and not get hit do to his extreme frailty. He may also use the water from his F.I.H.N.S to speed himself even faster and make sharp terms while jumping.

+Likes to jump off of high buildings(he says it's for training purposes, but it might be just for the adrenaline rush)

+After losing the ability to use razor wind, trip found another way using his aqua jet to simulate the same effect of his previous move. By activating small aqua jets around his feet he can simulate the appearance of walking on walls.

+His real name is unknown and only Nescero and Trip's parents know it.

+He's a mercenary but specializes in bounty hunting

+Can speak a little of every language

+Him and his brother Nescero are rich, but he refuses to use any of the money that belongs to his parents.

+Plays guitar, saxophone, and sings a little
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