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HPM Rain's Birthday by NeoroticMind
HPM Rain's Birthday
So Grove has missed a lot of things lately including a dance that he wanted to ask Rain to. Wellll after what I can only assume was a pep talk for the ages (I imagine Ferrah and Wyatt just slapping the derp silly), he got the courage to ask her on her birthday is I romance yet?

Rain belongs to :iconwolfmoon24:
Hpm: Grove's Here to Help by NeoroticMind
Hpm: Grove's Here to Help
Him and Cotton are going through the snow to help anyone in need 

It's funny that normally Grove would need the saving due to his dislike of winter and snow, but you gotta love that totem change thick fatness and Cotton's general fluffyness that keeps him warm year around~
Hpm: Sealeo Grove by NeoroticMind
Hpm: Sealeo Grove
is actually taking the snow well for a change water/ice totem ftw//shot

Gotta say, he came out better than I expected and he's out and about helping people with that snow shovel he found in his barn~
BRR: On the Road from Situla Town by NeoroticMind
BRR: On the Road from Situla Town

So Teal, along with his trusty new buddy Cayenne, are now on the road from the Professor Larix's lab and off onto adventures!

Also secondary clothing equipped for adventuring~
BRR - Teal Solaris App by NeoroticMind
BRR - Teal Solaris App
Name: Teal Solaris


July 30th (Leo)


Cinnabar Island 

 Trainer (hobo extrodinaire)

Type of Trainer:

Favorite Type:

"They've always been fun when I played with them back on the island, they're so cool!...I mean hot!...Lukewarm maybe?"

Least Favorite Type: Dark

"It's not that I don't like dark types, just I like all the other types more y'know?"


:bulletwhite: Adamant :bulletred: Stubborn as a Tauros
Teal has a hard time wavering on something that he's set his mind to, which gets him into more trouble than he would like to admit

:bulletwhite: Adventurous :bulletred: Reckless
A guy who likes exploring new and exciting things with others, if only he would be a bit more careful... 

:bulletred: Lazy at times
If it doesn't interest him in the slightest, trying to move him is as good as getting a slakoth in a 3k

:bulletwhite: Fun-loving :bulletred: Childish
A kid at heart with all the wonderlust and crazy antics that you would find in someone half his age

:bulletwhite: Idealistic :bulletred: Spacey
Having big dreams are good when you don't go off in a daze daydreaming

:bulletwhite: Loyal
One thing about this bag of hyperactivity is that when he makes friends he never doubts them and will come to their aid when they need him


Teal grew up on the volcanic terrain of Cinnabar Island, living with his parents but mostly outside exploring the rocky volcano's side. From an early age he was fascinated with fire and danger, trying to climb the volcano multiple times by the time he hit his early teens. He saw many of his friends go off on their adventures when they were ten and wanted to do the same but when he learned that there were more regions other than Kanto with more pokemon, he decided that exploring new places came first. His parents didn't want him to leave of course, but they knew that once he had his mind made up they couldn't stop him. They wished him the best of luck and gave him his trusty Pokégear and told him to keep in touch. 
He made it his mission to go from region to region, exploring and just back-packing around the other regions. He had always found that he had a connection with pokemon, but never had the money to buy pokeballs, due to spending most of his money on travelling costs, and never got a chance to start training for the pokemon league. Coming from a home town with a prominent gym leader, he wanted to test his luck at training pokemon and becoming a pokemon master. Now travelling to the Borealis Region, he heard that a professor there could help him with a starter pokemon so he could begin his adventure training pokemon rather than just watching them. 


~ Can be a bit hyperactive, but hopefully it's in a loveable way...right?

~ Likes to stay outdoors rather than going into inns for the night, starry nights relax him

~ His other outfit consists of a jacket, a hat that looks veeerrryy similar to the one he has on already, new running shoes, a white t-shirt and some jeans that his mom sent him while on his journey


- A few changes of clothes
- Pokégear
- Shoulder bag

“So your favorite type is Fire? How vivid! You're driven with a natural sense of adventure and discovering the unknown. Often you're conflicted by those that over-think every aspect of their life and prefer living in the moment, doing what you think is right regardless of the consequences. With the guidance of the stars, I believe Litleo is the best partner for you! I hope you two have a long lasting companionship!”

Nickname: Cayenne




 Prof. Larix



:iconfiretypeplz: Ember
:iconnormaltypeplz: Work Up
:iconnormaltypeplz: Hyper Voice
:iconfiretypeplz: Heat Wave


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I don't really consider myself an artist, more that I just like to draw just like I like video games and Pokemon.
I like food, sleep and breathing, yea those are kind of my favorite things especially that last one!
I'm a strange one until you get to know me, then you'll know that I'm just your average neuroticmind(heh see what I did there :D... Gawd I'm cheezy)
If I think of anything else about myself I'll let you guys know!!!

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