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AARCH-EXE App: Drat by NeoroticMind


Gender: Male soooo manry


+ |Close-range combat
+ |High evasiveness 
+ |High Agility Stat
+ |High Strength Stat

- |Long-range combat
- |Low defense
- |Unarmed
- |Armor weight limit restriction 

+ |Exploring new lands
+ |Boss battles
+ |PVE
+ |People without a sense of humor(Gives him someone to pick on)
+ |Rice
+ |Sleeping

- |Large Crowds
- |Staying in one place too long
- |PVP
- |Evil Guilds
- |Anyone hurting a member of his guild


[Ki Burst] - (buff) Enlightens the casted with heightened burst of attack and speed for a short period of time.

[Fist of Devas] - The user attacks with fists at an extremely fast speed, hitting enemies multiple times with quick bursts of damage, can also afflict with stun.

[Agni Lungs] - The user breathes fire in the direction the user is facing, afflicting any enemies in a large radius from the target.

[Vajra] - (buff) Embues all afflicted with this skill a burst of speed and attack along with an elemental bonus of lightning. The casted also gain Hp for every landed attack on an enemy while the buff is active.

[Bahamut's Palm] - A devastating blow from the user's palm after releasing an extremely high level of charged energy.

[Vayu's Blessing] - (buff) Increases attack and character speed in short bursts, can be recovered quickly.  

[Tanran Reiki] - Heals all in the party of ailments and recovers a percentage of their hp for a short period of time.

[Gate of Yama] - Releases full restraints on the body and allows the user to release an extreme amount of powerful blows until all enemies in the area are defeated. All stats are then lowered dramatically as the cooldown resets.


A calm and cheerful guy who enjoys to snooze under a conveniently placed tree or a random raid into a scary dungeon. He's a bit reckless when it comes to taking on more than he can chew but his class definitely compliments it and he can usually get out of sticky situations in a hurry. Apparently seen as having what it takes to lead Wyvern Eye by the first guild master, his guild mates like hastle him about his job but also respect his decisions when he's serious. He keeps a cool head in high pressured situations and loses his seriousness around friends. 

Additional Info: 

He is the 2nd Guild Master of Wyvern's Eye

He's been given the nickname "The Sleeping Dragon" by his guild mates and it seems to have stuck

He kind of forgets he's a mod sometimes ==;;

He sleeps in game and rarely logs off except for when food is involved

In the real world he's in his 2nd year of University and should really be taking his studies more seriously

His build is made for PVE specifically so he kinda sucks at player vs. player unless he's training Eliza

HPM: Voice Actor meme by NeoroticMind
HPM: Voice Actor meme
So after much looking and days going through every bad western I could find.........I got lucky and woke up to Pearl Harbor playing on cable Yush, I finally found a voice that fits the derp pretty well

Voice Sample:

And through all the looking I found a pretty good fit for his singing voice as well, was gonna do angel in blue jeans for arrow because Grove kinda bailed at karaoke but.....I'll find another way to make it up to you TT^TT

Singing Voice Sample:


NeoroticMind has started a donation pool!
250 / 1,000
:points: If you like my art it would be awesome if you could donate, looking to get premium and maybe super for a group I'm starting~ plz and thanx~ <333

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

I don't really consider myself an artist, more that I just like to draw just like I like video games and Pokemon.
I like food, sleep and breathing, yea those are kind of my favorite things especially that last one!
I'm a strange one until you get to know me, then you'll know that I'm just your average neuroticmind(heh see what I did there :D... Gawd I'm cheezy)
If I think of anything else about myself I'll let you guys know!!!

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