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Soul Conquest: Ghost Albere by NeoroticMind
Soul Conquest: Ghost Albere
  • Name: Ghost Albere
  • Age: 16
  • Class: Student/Weapon
  • Weapon Type: Battle Axe
  • Partner: Acidia Nimh 
  • Stats: 
    • [Attack]: 5
    • [Defence]: 5
    • [Speed]: 3
    • [Mobility]: 2
    • [Soul]: 5
  • Personality:
[Lazy] [Easygoing] [Reliable] [Relaxed] [Warm] [Emotionally Stable] [Blunt]

            Ghost is well on his way to being a grade A bum in the eyes of everyone for good reason. He is an easy going slob who is less than enthusiastic about most things. Honestly getting him out of bed for anything less than a snack would be an impressive feat for any mere human. On the surface he's a good for nothing slacker who's favorite class is lunch (but who could blame him?), but under all of that is a reliable person who for better or for worse is loyal to the very end. His relaxed demeanor does help in high stressed situations as he can think clearly through them, but he is a bit of an idiot so although thinking clearly, his thoughts will probably be food related. He's actually fairly good in social situations as he's pretty open and fun loving while socializing, along with his slew of terrible jokes. 
  • Notable Flaw: Has an unsatiable appetite that results in him overly snacking (usually at the worst of times)
  • History
            Not much can be said about his history, he was a young kid so bumming off his parents wasn't uncommon. He was exceptionally bad a busy work, immediately handing it back to his teachers at his school seeing as he felt no point to it. His appetitte came at around the age of 15 and by his sixteenth birthday he had accidently carved a piece of his steak dinner....along with a chunk of the dining room table. He was then told that his mother was a weapon and that he would be transferring to a new school called the DWMA. His only question was if they would have good food there and his parents assured him that the food was to die for. With that he made his way to Death City in record time, only stopping to try the cuisine before heading to the school and getting registered as a weapon. 
            He never had much trouble transforming into his weapon form was never able to find a partner that was able to wield him and through some hilarious hijinks involving an elevator, many snack wrappers, and almost slicing said elevator into many managable pieces, he found himself a partner who had no trouble wielding him. And so this adventure begins.

HPM: Round Three Not So Tranquil by NeoroticMind
HPM: Round Three Not So Tranquil
And so Grove is fighting against another fire type (All the luck with typing this guy =w=)
But this was actually really fun and choosing a Harvest Moon was WAAYYY too difficult
After much consideration I chose Tree of Tranquility for the Wii which has a very interesting art style compared to many of the other Harvest Moons and I tried to do it as much justice as I could

Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility -…

Jared belongs to :iconyoshiofredemption:

Grove belongs to Neo who is also a duck
HPM: Round D. Two by NeoroticMind
HPM: Round D. Two
Yes, that's the best title I could come up with OTL wanted to do something clever butt my brain said no siree bob
And so Grove somehow made it past the first round and is faced with yet another capable warrior, also BEEEEAAACCCHHHh
Regardless of who wins or loses, they must both go have a beach day after this
Sooooooo yup o/ btw I reaaaallllyy like one piece's art style and intensity

Nathan belongs to this beautiful person :iconpyracanthii:
Grove belongs to some derp somewhere


NeoroticMind has started a donation pool!
250 / 1,000
:points: If you like my art it would be awesome if you could donate, looking to get premium and maybe super for a group I'm starting~ plz and thanx~ <333

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    Donated Jul 20, 2014, 4:21:21 PM
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    Donated Jun 2, 2014, 8:57:00 PM


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

I don't really consider myself an artist, more that I just like to draw just like I like video games and Pokemon.
I like food, sleep and breathing, yea those are kind of my favorite things especially that last one!
I'm a strange one until you get to know me, then you'll know that I'm just your average neuroticmind(heh see what I did there :D... Gawd I'm cheezy)
If I think of anything else about myself I'll let you guys know!!!

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